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Bathroom Design

The bathroom has become a crucial part of the house for all members of the family, yet it is often the most neglected room in terms of maintenance and improvement.

A badly designed bathroom can contain an overwhelming amount of plumbing, fixtures and fittings, leaving little space for those everyday bathroom tasks.

There are numerous types of standard bathrooms that range from family and master bathrooms to individual, compartmentalised, half and guest bathrooms.

These should all be considered as options when contemplating home improvements.

There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when designing your new or renovated bathroom. You will need to look at the space available and try to incorporate storage space alongside all your fixtures including a shower, possibly over the bathtub. You will need to take into account means of heat, ventilation and the electrical layout of the room.

If you only have a small bathroom you could consider expanding to create a more comfortable space. Check the adjoining rooms to see whether you have free space that could be incorporated into your bathroom by taking out or moving a wall. However, many states have building laws and you need to ensure your renovations abide by these laws. You should gain a permit for your renovations to avoid the extra cost of fines. The potentially high cost of replacing fixtures and fittings in your bathroom may limit you in your home improvement options.

You should always ensure that the renovations you choose will increase the equity in your home to make the work worthwhile. Any sort of home improvement should add to the equity in your property, and therefore it is essential to give careful consideration to all projects undertaken.

You need to make detailed notes and plans about what you want to achieve, and keep records and receipts as the project progresses.

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