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Bathroom Flooring

It is important to choose the right flooring for your bathroom, as certain types can be slippery.

Try to choose a non-slip floor or if you already have a slippery floor but cannot afford to replace it, use bathmats. There is a selection of stylish bathmats available if you wish to achieve a designer look for your bathroom. Carpet is ideal for adding warmth to the bathroom and is available in a variety of colours, but will need to be replaced every so often, as constant exposure to water can cause it to become mouldy and create a damp smell.

Carpet may be luxurious, but it is probably more practical to opt for tiles and use floor heating to create the same cosy effect that you have with carpet. Carpet is also more difficult to clean than tiles, though it provides more safety, as it is not as slippery.

To make carpet easier to replace, carpet tiles may be the best option. With carpet tiles, you will only need to replace single tiles instead of the whole carpet, which is quicker and cheaper. They are also easier to install than ceramic tiles, which need to be installed with care. Another option is pine or oak flooring, which is ideal if you wish to have a wood theme for your bathroom.

This type of flooring can last a long time if it is correctly installed and maintained.

Laminate flooring is one of the best choices for stylish bathrooms, especially products with marble designs.

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