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Kitchen Design

You have choosen your new Clearwater Kitchen and that is just the beginning, you now need to select the correct appliances to compliment that choice.

Design is important. But for Clearwater it’s not just about beauty, cookers must also be practical and functional for everyday use. That’s why the designs of the new Clearwater cookers are fresh and stylish. Each detail combines elegance, sturdiness and functionality for easier use and a longer life.

Providing innovative solutions for everyday living.

Clearwater's range of double ovens combine stylish looks, ease of use and functionality to make cooking simple and enjoyable. With a choice of ovens built-in to a column or built-under a worktop and a wide range of colour options, there is an oven to match every kitchen design.

These attractive hobs co-ordinate perfectly with all other Clearwater built-in appliances to create a great look in any kitchen. Plus the range includes a choice of gas, electric and induction technology in a range of colours to perfectly match the rest of your appliances. The new hobs collection has been designed to look stylish whilst being practical and functional too.

The simple yet attractive design enables the hobs to co-ordinate with all other Indesit appliances for the perfect kitchen design.

The Clearwater built-in range also offers an array of integrated cooling, laundry and dishwashing appliances to complement your sleek kitchen. These integrated solutions come complete with all the latest freestanding technology so you don’t have to compromise.

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