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Kitchen Types

At Clearwater Kitchens we offer a range of bespoke kitchens to meet your needs.

Choose from three great ranges, all designed and built to your exact requirements.

The three ranges include: Traditional • Contemporary • Classic

Traditional Kitchens can instantly give any home a welcoming feel. The Country Classic kitchen and solid wood kitchens are perfect for those looking for warmth and comfort. A look at our painted kitchen range can be inspiring and shows that even a coloured traditional kitchen can look equally at home in a farmhouse, or more contemporary, elegant surroundings.

Contemporary Kitchens will often feature a cool clean look and minimalistic shaker or "slab" style doors. Couple this with the aesthetics of glass, steel and brushed aluminium appliances for the perfect modern style. With no fuss and no frills, our Contemporary Kitchens range offer, smooth lines and when required a modern colour scheme for that personal touch.

Classic Kitchens contain those interior design elements which have remained constant over the years and which have their origin in the architecture of the Georgian and Edwardian periods. Classic kitchens also complement new houses built on traditional lines.

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